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American Sign Language (Speedy Study Guide) American Sign Language (Speedy Study Guide)

Автор: Speedy Publishing

Год издания: 0000

An American Sign Language Guide helps someone trying to learn sign language, by allowing the person to study at their own pace and in their own time. Also, an American Sign Language Guide allows the person who is wanting to learn Sign Language to study anywhere that is convenient for them. This could be; a classroom, the person's residence, the library, or any other place that the person feels comfortable reading the guide and practicing the techniques the guide teaches.
Testing SAP R/3
A Manager’s Step-by-Step Guide Testing SAP R/3 A Manager’s Step-by-Step Guide


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Planning, preparing, scheduling, and executing SAP test cycles is a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor that requires participation from several project members. SAP projects are prone to have informal, ad-hoc test approaches that decrease the stability of the production environment and tend to increase the cost of ownership for the SAP system. Many SAP project and test managers cannot provide answers for questions such as how many requirements have testing coverage, the exit criteria for a test phase, the audit trails for test results, the dependencies and correct sequence for executing test cases, or the cost figures for a previously executed test cycle. Fortunately, through established testing techniques predicated on guidelines and methodologies (i.e., ASAP SAP Roadmap methodology, IBM’s Ascendant methodology, and Deloitte’s ThreadManager methodology), enforcement of standards, application of objective testing criteria, test case automation, implementation of a requirements traceability matrix (RTM), and independent testing and formation of centralized test teams, many of the testing risks that plague existing or initial SAP programs can be significantly reduced. This book is written for SAP managers, SAP consultants, SAP testers, and team leaders who are tasked with supporting, managing, implementing, and monitoring testing activities related to test planning, test design, test automation, test tool management, execution of test cases, reporting of test results, test outsourcing, planning a budget for testing activities, enforcing testing standards, and resolving defects.

Oracle Database 10g: A Beginner's Guide Oracle Database 10g: A Beginner's Guide


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Two new Oracle instruction and resource titles from Osborne/McGraw-Hill are indispensable additions to personal and professional reference collections. Oracle Database 10g: A Beginner's Guide is the collective effort of Oracle experts Ian Abramson, Michael Abbey and Michael Corey. Oracle Database 10g provides neophytes with the fundamental concepts of Oracle Database 10g administration and programming. Through self-paced tutorials, readers will learn about database essentials, the role of the administrator, and large database features. Oracle Database 10g includes an in-depth introduction to SQL, PL/SQL, Java, and XML programming.

Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language

Автор: Ronald P. Cody, Jeffrey K. Smith

Год издания: 

This book is intended to provide the applied researcher with the capacity to perform statistical analyses with SAS software without wading through pages of technical documentation. The researcher is provided with the necessary SAS statements to run programs for most of the commonly used statistics, explanations of the computer output, interpretations of results, and examples of how to construct tables and write up results for reports and journal articles.

Speak English Like an American Speak English Like an American

Автор: Gillett Amy

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If you already speak English, but now would like to start speaking even better, then Speak English Like an American is for you. This book and CD set is designed to help native speakers of any language speak better English. Over 300 of the most-used American English idioms and phrases are presented in engaging dialogue, with plenty of usage examples, illustrations, and lots of exercises -- with convenient answer key -- to help you learn the material. The audio CD includes all of the dialogues. Ideal for self-study. A fun and effective way to improve your conversational English!

The Bulgarian Language in Practice: A Basic Course in Contemporary Bulgarian as a Foreign Language The Bulgarian Language in Practice: A Basic Course in Contemporary Bulgarian as a Foreign Language

Автор: Eleonora Ivanova

Год издания: 

Начальный курс болгарского языка для иностранцев, включающий в себя 25 уроков (с текстами, диалогами, грамматическими комментариями и упражнениями), приложения и словарь. В приложениях содержатся тексты для дополнительной работы, краткий справочник по морфологии, а также иллюстрированную подборку бытовой лексики по ряду тем. Аудиоматериалы записаны болгарскими дикторами и актерами без использования английского языка. Все тексты звучат в естественном темпе, с безупречными произношением и интонацией.