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Professor Heussi? I Thought You Were a Book Professor Heussi? I Thought You Were a Book

Автор: Eric W. Gritsch

Год издания: 0000

Professor Heussi? I Thought You are a Book is an entertaining account of six decades of graduate education with the subtitle A Memoir of Memorable Theological Educators, 1950-2010. In personal encounters as well as in books, academic icons appear on the horizon of memory: Viktor Frankl in Vienna, Karl Barth in Basel, Carl Jung in Zurich, Reinhold Niebuhr in New York, Paul Tillich at Harvard, and the doctor father Roland Bainton at Yale. They are mixed with has-beens, upstarts, and other special professorial characters. In this memoir of Lutheran scholar, Eric Gritsch, these accounts are also fed with collegial encounters during his thirty-three years of teaching and research in church history at the Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary, with international excursions for Luther research and ecumenical dialogue with Roman Catholics. Ambition, stamina, and humor are ingredients that spike this cocktail of theological education of a native of Austria in the 1950s and 60s. Connoisseurs of anecdotal learning will find some satisfaction in this personal history of graduate studies in Europe and in the United States.
The Professor The Professor

Автор: Шарлотта Бронте

Год издания: 

The Professor is Charlotte Brontes first novel, in which she audaciously inhabits the voice and consciousness of a man, William Crimsworth. Like Jane Eyre he is parentless; like Lucy Snowe in Villette he leaves the certainties of England to forge a life in Brussels. But as a man, William has freedom of action, and as a writer Bronte is correspondingly liberated, exploring the relationship between power and sexual desire.

The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

Автор: Джером К. Джером

Год издания: 

"Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow" is a collection of humorous and entertaining essays written by popular English humorist Jerome K. Jerome. It was the author’s second published book and it helped establish him as a leading English humorist.

Thoughts on the effects of the British government on the State of India Thoughts on the effects of the British government on the State of India

Автор: William Tennant

Год издания: 

Полный вариант заголовка: «Thoughts on the effects of the British government on the State of India : accompanied with hints concerning the means of conveying civil and religious instructions to the natives of that country / by the Rev. William Tennant».

Professor Dowelli pea Professor Dowelli pea

Автор: Aleksandr Beljajev

Год издания: 

"Amfiibinimese" autori lugu noorest arstist Marie Laurentist, kes votab vastu too professor Kerni juures ja avastab siis, et too uurib, kuidas sailitada elu kehast eraldatud peades. Professor Kern sailitab ka oma opetaja ja mentori, geniaalse professor Dowelli pead salaja oma laboratooriumis, sundides seda enda heaks teadustoid tegema. Kehast eraldi elava pea motiiv pole kull Beljajevi valja moeldud, kuid ta teadis ilmselt suureparaselt, mida voiks tunda kehast eraldi elav pea – kirjanik oli ise aastaid halvatuna voodisse aheldatud. Nii «Amfiibinimesest» kui «Professor Dowelli peast» on tehtud peaaegu sama kuulsad filmiversioonid.

Ants Rulli – kirurgia professor Ants Rulli – kirurgia professor

Автор: Grupi autorid

Год издания: 

Raamat on puhendatud valjapaistvale kirurgiaprofessorile Ants Rullile (1908-1986). Pohiosa raamatust moodustavad tema malestused uliopilaspolvest ja oppejou ajast Tartu Riiklikus Ulikoolis. Lisaks meenutavad Ants Rullit lahimad kaastootajad: prof Ants Peetsalu, Lembit Veeber, dotsent Jaan Heljut Seeder, professor Juri Manniste ja Enn Puttsepp.