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The Celebrity at Home The Celebrity at Home

Автор: Violet Hunt

Год издания: 0000

Celebrity: от Амстердама до Стамбула. Осенние вариации Celebrity: от Амстердама до Стамбула. Осенние вариации

Автор: Валерий Дудаков

Год издания: 

50 стихотворений Валерия Александровича Дудакова.

Celebrity killer. Criminals of Hollywood and world cinema Celebrity killer. Criminals of Hollywood and world cinema

Автор: Max Klim

Год издания: 

Crime knows no boundaries, does not distinguish between rich and poor, family members or acquaintances. Murders committed by public and socially held personalities are no different from crimes of unknown individuals of the human race. Celebrity killers: Elena Berkova, Laura Bush, Oscar Pistorius, Robert Wagner, Michael Jace, Alexei Kabanov and many others.

Celebrity Sells Celebrity Sells

Автор: Hamish Pringle

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Celebrities have always captured the imagination of the public. In today's age of consumerism, their ability to influence our behaviour can be seen worldwide. Harnessing this power can reap huge rewards for business – the Jamie Oliver campaign helped turn around Sainsbury?s fortunes, with the return on investment estimated at ?27.95 for every advertising pound spent; sales of Walker?s Crisps increased by 105% thanks to Gary Lineker; One to One re-launched its brand with stars including Kate Moss and Elvis Presley. Celebrity Sells demonstrates the awesome power of famous names, when skilfully used, to sell brands and offers practical advice on how to develop and advertise a brand using celebrities, including: How to choose the right celebrity for your brand How to build your brand using a celebrity How to manage relationships with celebrities How to protect celebrity and brand reputation

Hollywood, Interrupted. Insanity Chic in Babylon -- The Case Against Celebrity Hollywood, Interrupted. Insanity Chic in Babylon -- The Case Against Celebrity

Автор: Mark Ebner

Год издания: 

Hollywood, Interrupted is a sometimes frightening, occasionally sad, and frequently hysterical odyssey into the darkest realms of showbiz pathology, the endless stream of meltdowns and flameouts, and the inexplicable behavior on the part of show business personalities. Charting celebrities from rehab to retox, to jails, cults, institutions, near-death experiences and the Democratic Party, Hollywood, Interrupted takes readers on a surreal field trip into the amoral belly of the entertainment industry. Each chapter – covering topics including warped Hollywood child-rearing, bad medicine, hypocritical political maneuvering and the complicit media – delivers a meticulously researched, interview-infused, attitude heavy dispatch which analyzes and deconstructs the myths created by the celebrities themselves. Celebrities somehow believe that it's their god-given right to inflict their pathology on the rest of us. Hollywood, Interrupted illustrates how these dysfunctional dilettantes are mad as hell… And we're not going to take it any more.

Celebrity Politics Celebrity Politics

Автор: Mark Wheeler

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In this new book, Mark Wheeler offers the first in-depth analysis of the history, nature and global reach of celebrity politics today. Celebrity politicians and politicized celebrities have had a profound impact upon the practice of politics and the way in which it is now communicated. New forms of political participation have emerged as a result and the political classes have increasingly absorbed the values of celebrity into their own PR strategies. Celebrity activists, endorsers, humanitarians and diplomats also play a part in reconfiguring politics for a more fragmented and image-conscious public arena. In academic circles, celebrity may be viewed as a ‘manufactured product’; one fabricated by media exposure so that celebrity activists are no more than ‘bards of the powerful.’ Mark Wheeler, however, provides a more nuanced critique contending that both celebrity politicians and politicized stars should be defined by their ‘affective capacity’ to operate within the public sphere. This timely book will be a valuable resource for students of media and communication studies and political science as well as general readers keen to understand the nature and reach of contemporary celebrity culture.