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John Sinclair, Folge 25: Ein Friedhof am Ende der Welt (2/3) John Sinclair, Folge 25: Ein Friedhof am Ende der Welt (2/3)

Автор: Jason Dark

Год издания: 0000

Es ist ein schier aussichtsloser Wettkampf mit der Zeit: John Sinclair sucht verzweifelt nach einem Weg, seinen Erzfeind zu besiegen! Doch teuflische Hexen halten ihn gefangen – und spielen ein grausames Spiel mit ihm! Unterdessen machen Johns Freunde im Reich des Schwarzen Todes die Holle durch, und der Super-Damon mobilisiert alle Kraftreserven, um das Sinclair-Team fur immer auszuloschen!
Folge der Nichteinigung Folge der Nichteinigung

Автор: Группа авторов

Год издания: 

Полный вариант заголовка: «Folge der Nichteinigung : ein Bruchstuck des Zeitalters der neueren Welt».

Von dem Ende der Christenverfolger Von dem Ende der Christenverfolger

Автор: Lucius Lactantius

Год издания: 

Полный вариант заголовка: «Von dem Ende der Christenverfolger : aus dem lateinischen des Cacilius Lactantius Firmianus mit kritischen und erklarenden Anmerkungen / Lucius Cacilius Lactantius Firmianus».

Rafe Sinclair's Revenge Rafe Sinclair's Revenge

Автор: Gayle Wilson

Год издания: 

HE WOULD NEVER FORGET…The destruction of the U.S. embassy in Amsterdam had left ex-CIA operative Rafe Sinclair with flashbacks of the unspeakable horrors he'd witnessed that night, and forced him to abandon the job he'd dedicated his life to. His only consolation had been that the terrorist behind the attack was dead–killed by Rafe's own hand.Now, six years later, someone was trying to convince Rafe that the terrorist was alive. And that someone was targeting the one person who could draw Rafe Sinclair back into the game–Elizabeth Richards. Elizabeth and Rafe had once been partners and lovers, and he would give up everything to keep her safe–everything. And it looked as though, this time, that was exactly what it was going to take!

The Secret Sinclair The Secret Sinclair

Автор: Cathy Williams

Год издания: 

The most shocking consequence of all… She didn’t mean to fall for a notorious playboy, but Sarah Scott’s head was overruled by Raoul’s skilful seduction. Yet after he jets out of her life Raoul’s legacy continues… Sarah is pregnant with the Sinclair heir!Five years later, single mum Sarah is struggling to make ends meet, working as an office cleaner. Having taken on yet another job, Sarah is on her knees scrubbing floors when her eyes meet those of her designer-clad new boss – the man she’s never been able to forget…Raoul!

Scene Of The Crime: Who Killed Shelly Sinclair? Scene Of The Crime: Who Killed Shelly Sinclair?

Автор: Carla Cassidy

Год издания: 

A COLD CASE REUNION IGNITES ROMANCE IN NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR CARLA CASSIDY’S NEW SCENE OF THE CRIMESheriff Olivia Bradford has a corrupt police department to clean up and an unsolved murder case to crack. But her new employee, Daniel Carson, isn’t some subordinate she can brush off. Unbeknownst to him, he fathered her young daughter five years ago. Now she needs him to get close enough to solve Shelly Sinclair’s untimely death without letting him get too close to learn her secret.Daniel never forgot Olivia nor the sizzling night of passion they shared. But with a killer targeting Olivia, he must keep his elusive boss alive if he’s ever going to learn the truth….