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Echoes from Dharamsala Echoes from Dharamsala

Автор: Keila Diehl

Год издания: 0000

The Bunsby Papers (second series): Irish Echoes The Bunsby Papers (second series): Irish Echoes

Автор: John Brougham

Год издания: 

Echoes of old Lancashire Echoes of old Lancashire

Автор: Axon William Edward Armytage

Год издания: 

Echoes from the Sabine Farm Echoes from the Sabine Farm

Автор: Гораций

Год издания: 

Echoes Echoes

Автор: Laura Dockrill

Год издания: 

‘The characters are funny, endearing and completely original. Laura has a wonderfully wild and exciting imagination…she defies boundaries.’ Kate NashLaura retells popular fairytales in her unique voice. The perfect gift for Christmas.

House of Echoes House of Echoes

Автор: Barbara Erskine

Год издания: 

When Joss, an adopted child, discovers that her real mother has left the beautiful family home, Belheddon Hall, to her, she is thrilled, until she discovers that the Hall is haunted by a presence which will not tolerate husbands or sons living in the house.Joss Grant is eager to begin a new life when she inherits Belheddon Hall. She brings her husband, Luke, and their small son, Tom, to the dilapidated house, and sets about discovering her family roots.But not long after they move in, Tom wakes screaming at night. Joss hears echoing voices and senses an invisible presence watching her from the shadows. Are they spirits from the past? As she learns, with mounting horror, of Belheddon’s tragic history, she realises that both her family and her own sanity are at the mercy of a violent and powerful energy that seems beyond anyone’s control.