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Eve of Extinction Eve of Extinction

Автор: Salvatore A. Simeone

Год издания: 0000

The rain brought something. Something that changed the men into something inhuman. To rescue their stranded daughter, two mothers must survive the hurricane, and the horrors it unleashed. But can they work together long enough to save their daughter in a world where all men have become monsters? Written by Salvatore A. Simeone and Steven Simeone, drawn by Nik Virella and Isaac Goodhart, and colored by Ruth Redmond.
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Демотивация или же Мотивация? Пускай каждый решит это для себя сам Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Демотивация или же Мотивация? Пускай каждый решит это для себя сам

Автор: Андрей De’мотиватор Волк

Год издания: 

Сборник материалов неопределённой формы, посвящённый глобальным (деструктивным) процессам в человеческом обществе и вытекающим отсюда последствиям.Написано в 2013—2020гг. Книга содержит нецензурную брань.

Extinction: Evolution and the End of Man Extinction: Evolution and the End of Man

Автор: Michael Boulter

Год издания: 

How long do humans have left on Earth? Using cutting-edge science that revolutionises our understanding of evolution, Michael Boulter explains how we may be closer to our own extinction than we imagined.Sixty-five million years ago the dinosaurs were destroyed in a mass extinction event that could not have been predicted. Out of the devastation, new life developed and the world regained its natural equilibrium. Until now. Scientists, employing radically new perspectives on the science of life, are beginning to uncover signs of a similar event on the horizon. The end of man.Michael Boulter reveals extraordinary new insights that scientists are only now beginning to understand about the past, the rise and fall of species and the nature of life.‘Extinction’ is an immaculately researched introduction into the new developments in the science of life as well as a chilling account of the effects that humans have had on the planet. The world will adapt and survive – humanity will not.‘Extinction’ raises some radical insights into our view of the world: Nature is in a balance, in which all parts interact and create harmony. This harmony is organised from the inside – it is a self-organising system. In a self-organising system the whole is more important than its parts. One method of this system is extinction – if the system is disrupted it will do what it has to correct itself.

Christmas Dodos: Festive Things on the Verge of Extinction Christmas Dodos: Festive Things on the Verge of Extinction

Автор: Steve Stack

Год издания: 

From the author of 21st Century Dodos comes a festive collection of endangered objects.An irreverent collection of eulogies, tributes and fond farewells to the many Christmas traditions and, well, other festive things that are threatened with extinction.From handwritten cards to coffee cremes, from Yule logs to thruppenny bits in Christmas puddings, from making paper chain decorations to carol singing, all of these and more are endangered, on the way out or on their last legs……so what better time to celebrate them than Christmas itself.

Edge of Extinction Edge of Extinction

Автор: Laura Martin

Год издания: 

The beasts are back…Dinosaurs have reclaimed the earth, driving humans underground and only a band of teens can save the world. JURASSIC PARK meets INDIANA JONES In this thrilling new action-adventure series.Two hundred years ago, the first dinosaur was successfully cloned. Soon after, the human race realized they’d made a colossal mistake…The dregs of humanity have been driven into hiding, living in underground Compounds.Thirteen year old Sky Mundy’s father was part of the inner circle of Compound leaders until five years ago he mysteriously disappeared. Now the time has come for Sky to try and track him down. Along with her best friend Shawn, she steps out into the world above, a world of rampaging dinosaurs, but also a full of surprises, where Sky is about to learn that just about everything she’s been taught has been a lie, and the dinosaurs might not be the most dangerous predators out thereNow Sky not only has to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance – she also has to save the world.

Extinction Crisis Extinction Crisis

Автор: Don Pendleton

Год издания: 

Immediate threats require immediate action–no questions, no explanations, no prisoners. Stony Man has the green light to strike against terror anywhere, anytime, and answer to no one except the President. Action-ready and combat-hard, the warriors of Stony Man know the stakes, and make their own rules….Powerful, sophisticated conspirators understand the power in global panic and fear. Using remote-control robots and local terror groups as muscle, this secret cadre has accessed nuclear power plants across the globe, and is poised to let hell loose. By shutting down the alternative fuel industry, they alone will control the world's energy. And as the clock ticks to worldwide meltdowns, Stony Man unleashes everything it's got in a race against a new face of terror….