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When History Teaches Us Nothing When History Teaches Us Nothing

Автор: Tim J. R. Trumper

Год издания: 0000

When History Teaches Us Nothing is an early historical reflection on the recent Reformed debate over the late John C. («Jack») Miller's Sonship Discipleship Course. Miller (1928-1996), an erstwhile professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary (Pennsylvania) and an influential pastor in the New Life congregations of the Presbyterian Church in America, sought to minister to the jaded by accenting God's grace in the gospel. Gradually fears grew that his approach was spawning, among other things, an antinomianism and a revivalism antithetical to Reformed theology and piety.
While not dismissing these concerns, Trumper argues that Sonship can only be accurately evaluated once it is understood in light of the practical loss within conservative Presbyterianism (i.e., within Westminster Calvinism) of the gracious Fatherhood of God and the sonship of believers. Drawing on his knowledge of the theological history of adoption, Trumper notes the significant parallels between Miller's protest of paternal grace and that of the early nineteenth-century Scottish churchman John Macleod Campbell (notably his stress on the life of sonship–"the prospective aspect of the atonement"). Trumper thus cautions today's Westminster Calvinists against repeating their forebears' mistake, which was to dismiss the validity of Campbell's protest on the basis of the problems with his proposed solution.
By so arguing, the author provides a more balanced and constructive response to the debate, highlighting its potential for the biblical renewal of Westminster Calvinism. Essential to this renewal is the recovery of the Fatherhood of God and of adoption, the evening out of attention accorded the Bible's forensic and relational (specifically familial) elements, and the better reflection of the theology and tenor of the New Testament (especially). Only such a renewal, Trumper argues, can render superfluous further protests for paternal grace.
The Oxford History of the Classical World. The Oxford History of the Classical World.


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Обзор этой книги огромный.Книга покрывает период значительно больший чем тысяча лет, от стихотворений Гомера до конца языческой религии и падения Римской Империи на Западе. В географическом расширении, повествование начинается с Греции, с небольших общин, возникших в темные времена завоевания и уничтожения, и деревнями бронзового периода на холмах Рима, и заканчивается Империей, которая объединяла не только Средиземноморский мир , а северные земли до Алжира, от Португалии до Сирии, от Рейна до Нила.

Nothing: Почти детективная история одного знаменитого художника Nothing: Почти детективная история одного знаменитого художника

Автор: Наталья Солей

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Герой повести – модный и дорогой художник Микис Самсонов, любимец Фортуны, проходит свидетелем (или подозреваемым?) по делу об убийстве своей бывшей любовницы, тоже художницы, Елены Макеевой. В результате следствия настоящий тайфун обрушивается на тихую заводь славы модного художника, открывая завесу над тайной его творчества… Кто же Самсонов на самом деле? Гениальный художник? Великий мистификатор? Убийца? Каждый человек, если, конечно, он не наплевательски относится к себе и своей жизни, стремится к успеху – в любом начинании, в карьере, в бизнесе, в семье, в любви. Такие люди, как лягушки в банке со сметаной, барахтаются и выплывают наверх, добиваясь заслуженного успеха. Однако пути к нему они выбирают самые разные и цену платит каждый свою. История, которую предлагает автор, не рассказывает о реальных людях и реальных событиях, но характеры и обстоятельства, описываемые в книге, во многом типичны для нынешнего времени.

Faces of History, or History in Faces. Учебное пособие Faces of History, or History in Faces. Учебное пособие

Автор: С. Г. Шишкина

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Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog) Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog)

Автор: Джером К. Джером

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The classic comic travelogue about an ill-fated boating holiday on the River Thames" Three Men in a Boat "is the irreverent tale of a group of friends who, along with a fox terrier named Montmorency, embark on a two-week boating journey up the Thames.

Trojan Horse of Western History Trojan Horse of Western History

Автор: Oleg Matveychev

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What is this book about? This book is about an exciting journey to Troy, both ancient and modern. About the fact that the Trojans defeated the Greeks (not the other way around, as is commonly believed). And that the well-known Greek religion with its anthropomorphism was created artificially for political reasons. The authors assert that the information warfare, the falsification of history – is not an innovation, but the oldest essence of Western way of thinking. The book refutes the conventional wisdom that “history is written by the winners.” On the contrary, authors have shown: those who write history become winners. The book is written in bright, vivid and interesting manner for laymen. At the same time it is absolutely scientific and opposed fancy sensational historical fast food. This book is about the struggle for historical truth and justice, which roots us in the world, because without the truth we are orphans.