Найти книгу: "100 Key Events in Ukrainian History"

100 Key Events in Ukrainian History 100 Key Events in Ukrainian History

Автор: Юрий Сорока

Год издания: 2018

The history of Ukraine resembles a half-uncharted map. This is not a mere coincidence, but the result of the deliberate public policy. Hundreds of various people serving their mother countries have been working hard on those blank spots for centuries. Those myth and fake news makers have done their best to make our history, as well as Ukraine itself, look in descendants’ eyes the way preferred by those who tried to assimilate the heritage of Kyivan Rus. However, time always puts everything in its place. So this book is an attempt to collect the events that have shaped the Ukraine we know today and will promote its further development. We sought to focus on positive events in Ukrainian history, in other words, on victories. The image of our country as a helpless continuously suffering victim that always sings sad songs and is incapable of confronting external pressure has been exploited for a long time. In fact, an insight into the actual history of Ukraine proves this image to be false. The voice of the past provides us with dozens of chronicles, documents and historical studies. Courageous heroes, strong warriors, talented artists, prominent statesmen, unrivalled philosophers and scholars – those have been the people creating our history. And, naturally, they and their achievements must be revealed and popularized. This work is an effort to unite in a single volume the highlights of our historic heritage and show that, against all odds, Ukraine remembers its past and intends to build its own bright future, considering the extensive rich experience that has been gained.
The Oxford History of the Classical World. The Oxford History of the Classical World.


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Обзор этой книги огромный.Книга покрывает период значительно больший чем тысяча лет, от стихотворений Гомера до конца языческой религии и падения Римской Империи на Западе. В географическом расширении, повествование начинается с Греции, с небольших общин, возникших в темные времена завоевания и уничтожения, и деревнями бронзового периода на холмах Рима, и заканчивается Империей, которая объединяла не только Средиземноморский мир , а северные земли до Алжира, от Португалии до Сирии, от Рейна до Нила.

Lada / VAZ 2108 / 2109 / VAZ 21099 (including Ukrainian assembly model), book repair in eBook Lada / VAZ 2108 / 2109 / VAZ 21099 (including Ukrainian assembly model), book repair in eBook

Автор: Монолит

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Actions in emergency situations

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  • Engine overheating actions
  • Starting the engine from an additional power source
  • Fuses
  • Emergency pressure drop in the engine lubrication system
  • Turning on the battery alarm indicator
  • Enabling the engine malfunction indicator
  • Enabling the brake / parking brake warning light
Daily checks and troubleshooting Operation and maintenance manual
  • Technical information
  • Controls, dashboard and interior equipment
  • Caring for a car
  • Car maintenance
  • Fuels and lubricants
Precautions and safety rules when working on a car Basic tools, measuring instruments and methods of working with them
  • Basic set of necessary tools
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The engine and its systems
  • General information
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  • Appendix to chapter
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  • Rear suspension
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Explanatory dictionary
  • Abbreviations

Ukrainian dream. «Последний заговор» Ukrainian dream. «Последний заговор»

Автор: Василь Зима

Год издания: 

Радіоведучий Марк Лютий, головний герой роману Василя Зими «Ukrainian dream. Последний заговор» працює в своє задоволення і готується до весілля з донькою олігарха. Та раптом до нього потрапляє вбивчий компромат на відомих політиків і він має обирати: піти на компроміс з власним сумлінням чи узятися за справу, ризикуючи втратити все, навіть власне життя. Долі героїв переплітаються, події, наче в калейдоскопі, змінюють одна одну. Хто переможе, а хто загине – відповіді у романі.

Faces of History, or History in Faces. Учебное пособие Faces of History, or History in Faces. Учебное пособие

Автор: С. Г. Шишкина

Год издания: 

Trojan Horse of Western History Trojan Horse of Western History

Автор: Oleg Matveychev

Год издания: 

What is this book about? This book is about an exciting journey to Troy, both ancient and modern. About the fact that the Trojans defeated the Greeks (not the other way around, as is commonly believed). And that the well-known Greek religion with its anthropomorphism was created artificially for political reasons. The authors assert that the information warfare, the falsification of history – is not an innovation, but the oldest essence of Western way of thinking. The book refutes the conventional wisdom that “history is written by the winners.” On the contrary, authors have shown: those who write history become winners. The book is written in bright, vivid and interesting manner for laymen. At the same time it is absolutely scientific and opposed fancy sensational historical fast food. This book is about the struggle for historical truth and justice, which roots us in the world, because without the truth we are orphans.