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Dead Joker Dead Joker

Автор: Anne Holt

Год издания: 0000

What's your hurry? A deck full of jokers What's your hurry? A deck full of jokers

Автор: Niblo George

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Playing the Joker Playing the Joker

Автор: Caroline Anderson

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ABOUT THAT NIGHT… Senior registrar Dr Jo Harding had hoped she might get the job as Consultant in Gynaecology at Audley Memorial Hospital, but instead it went to Alex Carter—the man she had one glorious stolen night with four years ago. He might still be irresistible, but Jo has to fight her temptation—not least of all because their night had far-reaching consequences which Alex, as yet, knows nothing about…THE AUDLEY—where love is the best medicine of all…

The Joker The Joker

Автор: Edgar Wallace

Год издания: 

Porwana przez Jokera – poczatek Porwana przez Jokera – poczatek

Автор: Queen Cara

Год издания: 

Der Milliarden-Joker – Scientific Edition Der Milliarden-Joker – Scientific Edition

Автор: Franz Josef Radermacher

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