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Psychology Statistics For Dummies Psychology Statistics For Dummies

Автор: Dempster Martin

Год издания: 0000

The introduction to statistics that psychology students can't afford to be without Understanding statistics is a requirement for obtaining and making the most of a degree in psychology, a fact of life that often takes first year psychology students by surprise. Filled with jargon-free explanations and real-life examples, Psychology Statistics For Dummies makes the often-confusing world of statistics a lot less baffling, and provides you with the step-by-step instructions necessary for carrying out data analysis. Psychology Statistics For Dummies: Serves as an easily accessible supplement to doorstop-sized psychology textbooks Provides psychology students with psychology-specific statistics instruction Includes clear explanations and instruction on performing statistical analysis Teaches students how to analyze their data with SPSS, the most widely used statistical packages among students
Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language

Автор: Ronald P. Cody, Jeffrey K. Smith

Год издания: 

This book is intended to provide the applied researcher with the capacity to perform statistical analyses with SAS software without wading through pages of technical documentation. The researcher is provided with the necessary SAS statements to run programs for most of the commonly used statistics, explanations of the computer output, interpretations of results, and examples of how to construct tables and write up results for reports and journal articles.

Статистика туризма = Tourism statistics Статистика туризма = Tourism statistics

Автор: Татьяна Карманова

Год издания: 

Раскрыты основополагающие принципы и сущность статистики туризма. Детально рассмотрены предмет, задачи и система показателей статистики туризма, методология статистической оценки и анализ развития международного и внутреннего туризма, а также современные направления развития статистики туризма в мире и России. Соответствует Федеральному государственному образовательному стандарту высшего профессионального образования третьего поколения. Для студентов бакалавриата, магистратуры, аспирантов, преподавателей высших учебных заведений, слушателей системы послевузовского образования, а также бухгалтеров, аудиторов, экономистов, менеджеров предприятий туристской индустрии.

Human Being Theory. For Dummies Human Being Theory. For Dummies

Автор: Jacob Feldman

Год издания: 

Time goes fast, new questions arise about human life, society, history, education, family, happiness… Old philosophy, old psychology have no instruments (concepts, methods, ideas) to answer these questions. New concepts like Levels-of-Mind model and Big-Triplet model plus minor models like Worlds-of-Life and Layers-of-Being wait you here. Use it to answers tough questions about the Time and the Life.

The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition

Автор: Zoltan Dornyei

Год издания: 

The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition offers a systematic and accessible overview of the main psychological areas and theories in order to keep abreast of the ongoing paradigm shift.

Alphabet of the Human Mind. Psychology flagship Alphabet of the Human Mind. Psychology flagship

Автор: Nikita Danilov

Год издания: 

AHM is not only a science but also a combat art for the MIND, which You can be mastered.More accurate and complete Classification of Personality Types simply does not exist! Each concept from AHM such important as the gear from mechanism of Swiss watches.Become a Professional Psychologist, reading one Book? Thanks to the heroic work of the Authors of AHM this possible today!“If life has attached instruction, it would be called – Alphabet of the Human Mind!” ©