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Case Studies in Modern Drug Discovery and Development Case Studies in Modern Drug Discovery and Development

Автор: Huang Xianhai

Год издания: 0000

Learn why some drug discovery and development efforts succeed . . . and others fail Written by international experts in drug discovery and development, this book sets forth carefully researched and analyzed case studies of both successful and failed drug discovery and development efforts, enabling medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical scientists to learn from actual examples. Each case study focuses on a particular drug and therapeutic target, guiding readers through the drug discovery and development process, including drug design rationale, structure-activity relationships, pharmacology, drug metabolism, biology, and clinical studies. Case Studies in Modern Drug Discovery and Development begins with an introductory chapter that puts into perspective the underlying issues facing the pharmaceutical industry and provides insight into future research opportunities. Next, there are fourteen detailed case studies, examining: All phases of drug discovery and development from initial idea to commercialization Some of today's most important and life-saving medications Drugs designed for different therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular disease, infection, inflammation, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and allergies Examples of prodrugs and inhaled drugs Reasons why certain drugs failed to advance to market despite major research investments Each chapter ends with a list of references leading to the primary literature. There are also plenty of tables and illustrations to help readers fully understand key concepts, processes, and technologies. Improving the success rate of the drug discovery and development process is paramount to the pharmaceutical industry. With this book as their guide, readers can learn from both successful and unsuccessful efforts in order to apply tested and proven science and technologies that increase the probability of success for new drug discovery and development projects.
Web Application
Development with PHP 4.0 Web Application Development with PHP 4.0

Автор: Tobias Ratschiller, Till Gerken

Год издания: 

While the success of Open Source software like Linux or Apache has been documented extensively throughout all mainstream media, the rise of PHP has gone largely unnoticed. Still, the Web scripting language PHP is the most popular module for the Apache Web server, according to an E-Soft survey (www.e-softinc.com/survey/). Netcraft studies have found that PHP is in use on over 6% of all Web domains in the world (see www.netcraft.com/survey).That’s an incredible market penetration for a rather specialized product.This popularity continues to rise exponentially. Increasingly, this is being reflected in traditional media: As of May, 2000, more than 20 books about PHP have been published in different languages, with more in the pipeline. Commercial players are beginning to join the bandwagon: PHP is included with Web servers, for example C2’s Stronghold, and Linux distributions. A new company, Zend Technologies, has been formed to provide commercial add-ons and support for PHP.A long list of large-scale Web sites employ PHP, as well as hundreds of thousands of small to medium Web sites.

Secure PHP Development: Building 50 Practical Applications Secure PHP Development: Building 50 Practical Applications

Автор: Mohammed J. Kabir

Год издания: 

The personal home page (PHP) server-side scripting language is particular well adapted to connecting HTML-based web pages to a backend database for dynamic content. This book explains the entire nuts-and-bolts process of the PHP application life cycle: requirements, design, development, maintenance and tuning. It shows how PHP can be used to design and develop highly manageable and secure applications to solve practical problems.

Modern English in Conversation. Учебное пособие Modern English in Conversation. Учебное пособие

Автор: Л. А. Ерофеева

Год издания: 

Методическое пособие к учебнику «English for Business Studies» Ian MacKenzie Методическое пособие к учебнику «English for Business Studies» Ian MacKenzie

Автор: Коллектив авторов

Год издания: 

Методическое пособие разработано преподавателями кафедры английского языка факультета экономики НИУ ВШЭ в ходе занятий со студентами по учебнику «English for Business Studies» Издательства Кембриджского университета (Cambridge University Press). Цель создания пособия – дополнить существующий курс упражнениями и заданиями на перевод, грамматическими упражнениями, а также глоссарием с русскоязычными соответствиями. Пособие рекомендуется как дополнительный компонент к учебному курсу «English for Business Studies» (3-е изд.) для российских студентов-экономистов.

Academic Skills through Cases in American Studies Academic Skills through Cases in American Studies

Автор: Екатерина Талалакина

Год издания: 

‘Academic Skills through Cases in American Studies’ is aimed at ESL college students at the Intermediate-high through Advanced levels of language proficiency. It is designed around eight country-specific (U.S.) cases that develop academic skills tested on international exams. The book covers major topics in the areas of academic reading, speaking and writing. Thus, the targeted learning outcome is two-fold: 1) to explore topical issues in American studies and 2) to master key academic skills. The content of the articles in each unit is selected according to the language needs of students majoring in economics, sociology, political science, and the like. The book can be used both as a supplement to a course in American Studies or as a separate curriculum within an academic skills course.