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Musarion, ou La philisophie des graces Musarion, ou La philisophie des graces

Автор: Christoph Martin Wieland

Год издания: 0000

Примечание: Полное собрание сочинений К. М. Виланда. Полный вариант заголовка: «Musarion, ou La philisophie des graces : poeme en 3 chants / de Wieland ; traduit de l'allemand par M. de Laveaux».
Le Point d'honneur, ou l'Empire des Graces et de la Constance Le Point d'honneur, ou l'Empire des Graces et de la Constance

Автор: Andre Jacques Coffin-Rony

Год издания: 

Полный вариант заголовка: «Le Point d'honneur, ou l'Empire des Graces et de la Constance : comedie en un acte, en prose, melee de chant, etc. / parole de Coffin-Rony; musique de Dreuilh».

Social Graces Social Graces

Автор: Dixie Browning

Год издания: 

John MacBride would do anything to keep his stepbrother from being thrown into jail for a crime he didn't commit. Which is how he ended up in the Outer Banks, posing as a handyman for the young socialite who could clear his stepbrother's name.As a marine archaeologist, Mac was used to digging deep for clues, but nothing had prepared him for the gorgeous woman he suspected of wrongdoing. Only Val Bonnard wasn't the spoiled heiress he'd been expecting. She seemed gentle and caring–and one look at the dazzling beauty had Mac regretting his promise to play detective, especially when it involved being her live-in Mr. Fix It! Because one way or another he'd get what he wanted–until he realized that what he wanted more than anything was the woman herself….

Simple Graces Simple Graces

Автор: Kim Diehl

Год издания: 

Favorite author Kim Diehl is back with an all-new collection of distinctive pieced and appliqued designs! These eight quilts are each accompanied by at least one additional companion project, such as a lampshade, tea towel, pincushion, or pillowcase, for a total of more than 20 projects. Discover endless creative possibilities; numerous tips and ideas for even more projects appear throughout the book Enjoy Kim's warm style and learn from her outstanding ability to mix prints and colors Embellish with buttons and yo-yos; dabble in wool applique

Forbidden Graces, Book One:  Beginnings Forbidden Graces, Book One: Beginnings

Автор: Carol Inc. Bridges

Год издания: 

You will be joyfully uplifted as you read the story of people moving through the challenges of life from the late 1960&#39;s to 2012. Their journey takes them through birth, death, rebirth and the many levels of love not only between human beings but among all the realms of nature and the divine.<br><br>If you feel yourself moved to explore the higher octaves of living, &quot;Forbidden Graces&quot; will give you numerous insights into how it is done. &quot;Book One&quot; shows you the &quot;Beginnings&quot; of building an etheric Temple of Love. &quot;Book Two&quot; depicts &quot;The Sensuous Longing of God&quot; through the relationships of both same and opposite gender couples. &quot;Book Three&quot; explains &quot;The Sanctuary of Sex,&quot; exploring many paths all leading to experience of the God Within All Beings. Each book takes you deeper into the understanding of the spiritual nature of sexuality, the foundation of all creative expression, leading you toward your soul&#39;s illumination.