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The SAP R/3 Handbook, Second Edition The SAP R/3 Handbook, Second Edition

Автор: Jos? Antonio Hern?ndez

Год издания: 

Other enhancements and options that have been added and that you can find in this book are related to subjects such as the following: Availability is increased, and there are now further options for distributing the system, along with new powerful platforms. ? There is a new change and transport system, including all the facilities of the Transport Management System (TMS). ? In the ABAP workbench, there are a host of new utilities, a stepforward object?oriented ABAP, the replacement of matchcodes with search helps, and more. ? Windows NT is now a very popular platform with thousands of customers. For this reason, this new edition is operating system independent, dealing with both UNIX and Windows NT where appropriate. ? ? The authorization system and administrator duties have been facilitated with the profile generator. ? Since release 4.0 there is a new object?based monitoring architecture and alert monitors. ? The well?known OSS has now become SAPnet, with two variants: R/3 front end and Web front end. In this edition you will find lots of new things to discover and enjoy. I hope you enjoy this book and enjoySAP.

Язык программирования C++. Лекции и упражнения. Platinum Edition Язык программирования C++. Лекции и упражнения. Platinum Edition

Автор: С. Прата

Год издания: 

В новом издании популярной книги известного автора и специалиста по C++ рассматривается устоявшаяся версия языка, соответствующая стандарту ISO/ANSI. Изложение материала не привязано ни к какой конкретной реализации C++. В основе изложения материала лежит оригинальная методика, разработанная автором и неоднократно проверенная на различных группах пользователей. Книга охватывает обширный круг вопросов, необходимых для создания полноценных программ на C++, - от знакомства с основами синтаксиса языка до многочисленных новых функциональных возможностей C++, таких как классы, объекты, наследование, полиморфизм, виртуальные функции, стандартная библиотека шаблонов STL, RTTI и др. Практические задания к главам книги составлены на основе реальных проектов. Издание рассчитано на пользователей с любым уровнем подготовки. Для начинающих эта книга послужит превосходным учебником, а опытные программисты смогут воспользоваться ею в качестве справочника, облегчающего их ежедневный труд. Книгу можно рекомендовать как методическое пособие преподавателям высших и средних учебных заведений, а также в качестве учебника для студентов.

English Civil War Fortifications 1642–1651 English Civil War Fortifications 1642–1651


Год издания: 

The techniques of European warfare were transformed during the 15th and 16th centuries by the use of gunpowder and by substantial progress in the effectiveness and destructive power of artillery. The series of conflicts in the 1640s, known collectively as the English Civil War, was the first in the British Isles that reflected this new reality. Sieges that aimed at isolating and reducing fortified places became the dominant instrument for prosecuting the war and protective fortifications were vital, for both the besieged as well as the besieger. This title describes how both the Parliamentarians and the Royalists made use of new fortification techniques throughout the course of this conflict.

Starting Electronics, Third Edition Starting Electronics, Third Edition

Автор: Brindley Keith

Год издания: 

This book originated as a collection of feature articles, previously published as magazine articles. They were chosen for publication in book form not only because they were so popular with readers in their original magazine appearances but also because they are so relevant in the field of introductory electronics — a subject area in which it is evermore difficult to find information of a technical, knowledgeable, yet understandable nature. This book is exactly that. Since its original publication, I have added significant new material to make sure it is all still highly relevant and up-to-date.

Italiano in cinque minuti. Volume 1. Italiano in cinque minuti. Volume 1.

Автор: Galasso Sabrina, Trama Giuliana

Год издания: 

Грамматические и лексические упражнения по итальянскому языку.