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BIRDS OF A FEATHER?Tao Tandy can't wait to flee her sleepy life (safe fiance, dead-end job) and migrate to the big city to find fame and fortune as a food photographer. First, however, she has to find somewhere to live….Luck is on her side when she's offered rent-free accommodation in a beautiful London mansion–in exchange for–baby-sitting a parrot! Not just any old parrot. Sir Galahad is incredibly rare, not to mention worryingly clever. How hard can it be?Apparently not as hard as her dream job working for a TV celebrity who has wandering hands and a suspicious girlfriend. Or the game of hide-and-seek she's thrown into with Chris, the sexy gardener who lives downstairs and spends all day watching Tao like a hawk! Which makes Tao mad. In fact, she's spitting feathers. It's time to show everyone who rules the roost!

Goat-Feathers Goat-Feathers

Автор: Butler Ellis Parker

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Nalluri And Featherstone's Civil Engineering Hydraulics Nalluri And Featherstone's Civil Engineering Hydraulics

Автор: Martin Marriott

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An update of a classic textbook covering a core subject taught on most civil engineering courses. Civil Engineering Hydraulics, 6th edition contains substantial worked example sections with an online solutions manual. This classic text provides a succinct introduction to the theory of civil engineering hydraulics, together with a large number of worked examples and exercise problems. Each chapter contains theory sections and worked examples, followed by a list of recommended reading and references. There are further problems as a useful resource for students to tackle, and exercises to enable students to assess their understanding. The numerical answers to these are at the back of the book, and solutions are available to download from the book?s companion website.

Fine Feathers Fine Feathers

Автор: William Wymark Jacobs

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Still Spitting at Sixty: From the 60s to My Sixties, A Sort of Autobiography Still Spitting at Sixty: From the 60s to My Sixties, A Sort of Autobiography

Автор: Roger Law

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The Puppet Master is back with the inside story.Written by one half of the Fluck and Law partnership, which produced Spitting Image for many years, this book will catch up with creative spirit Roger Law to investigate life at sixty through the eyes of the puppet master.Roger Law, the evil genius behind the mocking, caricature puppets of Spitting Image – which lampooned Margaret Thatcher, ridiculed the Royal Family and gave birth to 'The Chicken Song' – unburdens his tormented soul and tells the awful truth of how it all came about.The award-winning series ran for eight years, with Law masterminding the corruption and undermining of an entire generation's respect for authority and institutions, and giving voice to such comedic reprobates as Harry Enfield, Pamela Stephenson and Rory Bremner. He subjected the British public to political outrages – to a reception of delight and indignation in equal measure – every Sunday evening from 1984 to 1992.When the satire bubble finally burst, Law found himself too young for retirement, too old to be retrained and without any discernable talent for domesticity or addressing a golf ball. In short, very thoroughly rinsed up.Confronted with 'one day off after another as far as the eye can see,' Law did what some people thought was the only decent thing he could do, possibly had ever done – he transported himself to Australia.STILL SPITTING AT SIXTY is Roger Law's account of his life in retirement down-under, filled with all the lunacy and flare that one would expect from the co-producer and creator of Spitting Image.

Amulets and Feathers: A Story from the collection, I Am Heathcliff Amulets and Feathers: A Story from the collection, I Am Heathcliff

Автор: Leila Aboulela

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A story from Leila Aboulela to stir the heart and awaken vital conversations about love.Maryam will avenge her father’s death alone. With her amulet, she abandons all to find the person who made the order to kill him.